Conveying equipment

Optical video signals will be transmitted in real time and are thus preferred in safety-relevant areas, such as for conveying equipment. The non-delayed transmission and presentation of video images on a control monitor makes it possible to intervene immediately, should problems arise. All this will be achieved by a customized transmission strategy and the constructive design of both infra-red transmitter and infrared receiver.

The ASAS equipment is extremely robust and insensitive to electro-magnetic interference. The transmission components can be designed for an additional one-directional or bi-directional transmission of switching commands or data signals.

Example of infra-red video transmission (crane at Corus Steel, a Dutch smelting plant):
The video signal will be transmitted to the crane operator so as to allow him monitoring the load pick-up, the handling of the load and its positioning as well as the ambient area within a traveling range of approx. 4 m at three stations. The transmission and reception angles required in this case are 22.5°.

Safety enjoys top priority
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