We would like to inform you that the ASAS Systemtechnik GmbH has been taken over by its parent company Elektrotechnik und Elektronik Oltmann GmbH , Gartenfelder Str. 29, 13599 Berlin as from June,1st 2013.
The product and service portfolio of the ASAS Systemtechnik GmbH has been integrated in the company Elektrotechnik und Elektronik Oltmann GmbH as business unit “ASAS Systemtechnik“. Within the fusion the Elektrotechnik und Elektronik Oltmann GmbH has taken over all employees, economical goods, product rights, agreements of delivery, current and initial approaching orders and as well warranty responsibilities.
The team are looking forward to continue and enhance the trustful and constructive cooperation with all customers, deliverers and partners. Of course that means also the fulfilment of the service responsibility for the delivered products and system components and as well their long-term availability.

SPI with RS-485 port

As of now the passive-IR sensors SPI108 are also available with an RS-485 port. You can request the associated software tool "ASAS-Sensor" via our webside contact or per e-mail. We supply the software tool for free. This software application aims for the comfortable setting of the sensitivity and the ATD-function (adaptive alarm threshold closed-loop-control) of the Passive-IR-Sensors SPI108 RS via PC using an RS 485-port.
Further there is a feature to visualize the live signal of the currently selected sensor, to check the settings in the specific situation of application. Also, using this feature, external disturbances, e.g. vegetation, vehicles or similar inside the detection area can be recognised and be eliminated as a source of unwanted alarms by correcting the horizontal and vertical aligning.

The sensors SPI 104 – 107 can also be delivered with an RS 485-port. But for that, the ATD function not available.
SPI 100:
Long - range passive motion detector, for use in alarm systems inside buildings and outdoors.

Very small horizontal and vertical detection area of 1° x 1°, the detection area is designed with an exactly geometric limitation.

Used as passive "light barrier" as an alternative to active IR light barrier systems.

Data sheet SPI 100
NEW: SPI 104 H
Low - cost alternative to laser measurement systems and video sensors Large horizontal detection area;
the detection area is designed with an exactly geometric limitation.
The detection area with vertical inclination is optimally suitable for the supervision of masts or technological facilities and the detection area in a horizontal position for the supervision of walls or building façades

Data sheet SPI 104H

Geometrical aligning guide for SPI 102 - 108 - for supporting the project planning of the sensor positions.
• For easy noticing the risks of false alarms, caused by locations out of the detection zone.
• Find appropriate measures for confining the viewing range of the sensors.
• Support the optimal optical aligning of the sensors to the detection zone
Geometrical aligning guide (excel-zip)    
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