Protection of critical infrastructures

Facilities and plants of the information technology, the telecommunications, the energy supply, the transport and traffic - these areas are called critical infrastructure.

Due to their specific functions, it is rather difficult to provide all-round protection for traffic systems. They represent “ideal” points of attack for criminals and terrorists. Good security strategies as well as a combination of different protective measures are to minimize the risk of vulnerability. It is for critical areas like these that ASAS Systemtechnik GmbH develops project-related sensoric solutions on the basis of the immense experience the company has gained in the field of using infra-red sensors in practice.

The large range of ASAS intrusion alarm systems for monitoring the property perimeter and building facades can be implemented without any problems into existing alarm systems. Their detection zone cannot be distinguished from the outside. As they can be handled so flexibly and efficiently, the alarm systems have a wide field of application: in commercial and industrial buildings, as wide-range protection systems in sensitive infrastructural and factory plants as well as in military bases and premises of authorities.

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